Zucchini Pickles

MM Local

MM PACIFIC NW at every level of our organization, they believe that the value they create is in the relationships that they build. Their strength as a company, their value as a brand, and the deliciousness of their food will only be as strong, as valuable and as good as the relationships they build along the way.

MM Local is a values-driven company inspired by a simple mission - making it easier for all of us to eat local food, all year round.

The Zucchini Pickles are grown by Alvarez Organic Farms in Mabton, WA.

  • ingredients: colorado organic summer squash, water, organic white vinegar, raw organic cane sugar, organic garlic, sea salt

  • who grows ‘em: Full Circle Farms, Front Range Farms, Ollin Farms, Milberger Farms, Isabelle Farms

  • eat ‘em: straight out of the jar, with sandwiches, as an appetizer, kids love 'em!

Available in 16 oz.

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