Whole Seed Mustard

American Spoon

AMERICAN SPOON, Since 1982, have been preserving fruit in their Petoskey, Michigan kitchen. After all these years, their crew of skilled cooks still prepare fruits by hand and cook them with care in small-batch copper kettles. They work directly with a dedicated group of Michigan farmers who grow the varieties of fruits that they love, varieties bred over generations specifically for their unparalleled taste and unique character. American Spoon's small company exists to find, capture, and preserve flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

The Whole Seed Mustard, sophisticated, features whole yellow and black mustard seeds soaked in vinegar and Michigan sparkling wine. The seeds become plump, tender and toothsome as they’re infused with the wine’s complexity and then burst with every taste, releasing their flavor in a perfect balance of sweet and heat. This delicious elemental specialty pairs beautifully with a range of foods, especially robust fare like burgers, steak and cured meats.

Ingredients: White wine vinegar (contains sulfites), sparkling wine (contains sulfites), yellow mustard seed, vinegar, black mustard seed, water, sugar, oil blend (may contain olive and/or canola oil), salt, spices.

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