VdP Miron Glass Container Jar

Van der Pop

VAN DER POP Seattle-based Van der Pop was launched January 2016 by April Pride, a serial entrepreneur with a Masters from Parsons and degree from University of Virginia's School of Architecture. Proven and sought after in interiors and fashion, April is known professionally for uncompromising aesthetic standards. After selling her first company in 2013, she launched APRIL PRIDEher eponymous fashion label. As serious about her play as she is about her work, Van der Pop finally marries April's love of high style and high times. Years of being with the right people while doing the wrong things (or the wrong people doing the right things) made her a reformed over-achiever. Perhaps she was working all along. 

Everything in its (beautiful) place.

No more stuffing your stuff into rinsed-out baby food jars or plastic sandwich baggies. That situation is finally—and gorgeously—Contained. Van der Pop’s specialized vessels are made from MIRON Violet Glass that’s designed to maintain the freshness and protect the potency of its contents, and look damn good while doing so.

Beyond beauty, there’s science. MIRON glass blocks out the full spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet wavelength. Harmful rays of visible light (that speed-up the molecular decaying process) are filtered out, while visible violet light and non-visible UVA and Far-Infrared Light are let in to slow the growth of bacteria and mold while sustaining the molecular viability of the contents. The result? Van der Pop Contained jars keep their contents fresh and strong for way, way longer.

But honestly, these had us at beauty.  We’re big believers in the power of surrounding oneself with simply beautiful objects. Cool to the touch and satisfyingly heavy, these inky-dark glass vessels detailed in fiery-white platinum are a small joy to have and to hold. Now if only we could fit and organize more of our life into neat and displayable jewel-black jars.

*Note, Van der Pop Contained jars arrive to you empty and ready to be filled with recreational unmentionables by you. 

-        Miron glass / platinum
-        Hand wash
-        Made in Germany | Printed in California

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