The Medicine Chest | Spring

Medicine Chest

THE MEDECINE CHEST is a seasonal publication by herbalist Nora Harrington. "We help people integrate herbal medicine into their lives in two ways; by making zines, little booklets, chock full of folk wisdom, we share information about how to use remedies appropriate to each season." Nora is a Western Herbalist who specializes in Community Herbalism and Northwest Medicinal Plants. She began her herbal studies in 2005 while interning with a drug addiction rehabilitation center in Peru. Later on, she attended the School of Traditional Western Herbalism in Portland, Oregon and co-founded a small herbal remedies CSA out of Bainbridge Island called The Wheel Plant Medicine. As founder and co-owner of The Medicine Chest, Nora curates the shares and co-authors the seasonal publications. She has also lead grief groups for college students and facilitated talking circles for teens and women. Her band, Boobface, is pretty famous.

Medicines, Recipes, and Activities to restore the folk wisdom of Spring.

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