Teepee Incense Burner

Incienso de Santa Fe

INCIENSO DE SANTA FE creates incense that are unique to the Southwestern United States. They formulate fragrances you will find nowhere else except in the native woods of the West.  People tell have said that these incense makes them remember all kinds of wonderful things...  The perfume of the Painted Desert, a crackling campfire on a high mountain trail, or the morning mist settling in a Northern New Mexican village. 

The teepee is a miniaturization of the structure typically associated with the Native Americans and Canadians of the Great Plains. The teepee is a portable dwelling made from animal skins and wood polls and is made unique by the addition of smoke flaps an effect made complete with the addition of our Piñon Incense. 

Set includes one Teepee Burner and 20 Count Box of Piñon Incense.

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