Tahitian Vanilla & Chamomile Maple Syrup

Tahitian Vanilla & Chamomile Maple Syrup

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NOBLE is a brand that embraces the collaboration of craft with the pioneering of our new American food tradition; a result of dedicated and passionate people doing what they love. Their medium amber grade maple syrup is procured from heritage sugar shacks in the ancient maple orchards of Quebec, a true collaboration of tradition and craft. 

Tonic 02: Holy maple syrup, you will not believe your taste buds with this sweet, complex secret treasure of a maple syrup. The delicate, floral & fruity aroma of the Tahitian vanilla bean is one of those classic culinary delights. Likewise the buttery and floral apple-like flavor of Egyptian Chamomile Blossom help to create a delicate balance of flavor and aroma for this unique Maple Syrup. A special treat at any breakfast table, or try our favorite, shaken with bourbon and a fresh squeeze of lemon.

15.2 oz / 450 ml

Ingredients: Medium amber grade maple syrup, tahitian vanilla bean, Egyptian chamomile blossoms.

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