Quality Playing Cards

Misc. Goods Co.

MISC. GOODS CO. did not revolve around a time of dreaming or conceptualizing. It didn’t occur in a conversation among friends and, in turn, become a life goal. The MGCO. products and brand came about by circumstance; by positioning their professional life in such a way that it could bend and shift; changing as opportunity came, and being ready to put their hand to the plow when it did.

The MGCO Red Deck is a completly redesigned deck of playing cards. The art work for the entire deck has been redone; from the tuck case to every symbol, aces and even the typography used on the cards. The deck is manufactured by the United States Playing Card Co., and is printed on Bee paper, the highest quality coated playing card stock. The tuck case is printed with red ink, gold foil and is embossed.

Available in Red, Black, or Ivory.

Made in America.

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