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Sketchbook Crafts

SKETCHBOOK CRAFTS designer & maker Amber Jensen draws inspiration from nature and natural materials to create bags and backpacks that are both nostalgic and trendsetting. Following in the tradition of seamsters and seamstresses who came before, each Sketchbook bag is cut, assembled, sewn, punched, riveted, and lined by her two hands. The idea for each bag began as a drawing, was made into prototypes, used, then modified as needed to find the perfect balance of durability, style, and functionality. Amber sources materials locally or American-made when possible, and from traditional textile manufacturers around the world to create her thoughtful and practical bags. The style in each design transcends the boundary between wild, rural, and urban; between hipster and hippie. There's a sculptural aspect, a reverence for materials and their form, in a Sketchbook creation. There's also a boldness and individuality inherent in the way Amber puts her work into the world-- a passion for learning, developing ideas, independence, and craft that's rare.


This versatile and easy handbag is made for durability and with quality materials. The body is made of water resistant waxed canvas and the straps are made of a soft genuine leather which adds to the timeless and sleek design.  As this bag breaks over time in it will look even better. 

This handbag features two main compartments, side-by-side, and each large enough for a 15” laptop. Between the two compartments are four smaller pockets for your wallet/tech devices and an open area in the center for carrying a rain jacket or sweater. 


Faded Blue Waxed Canvas / Natural Leather


12” x 1-4” x 15”

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