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Krewe Du Optic

KREWE DU OPTIC was founded in 2013 by Stirling Barrett, a New Orleans native and creative entrepreneur. His vision of the city as a thriving cultural hub was his inspiration for this innovative and handmade eyewear brand. Their team passionately believes in spreading the culture of New Orleans and its celebration of individuality - one frame at a time. Historically, the term "krewe" (ˈkrü) is linked to Mardi Gras, a tradition that is uniquely New Orleanian. It attempts to define the diverse group that comes together to parade in celebration of the Carnival season. Our name invokes this spirit of creative collaboration.

Lenses: Every pair of Krewe glasses offers optimum CR39 (highly) scratch resistant lenses with full-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. All eyewear is prescription ready so you can swap out your favorite frames with Rx optics. Wonder why the backside of the lens looks purple? Lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating that reflects the light that comes through the back of the frame and bounces into your eye. This coating helps reduce glare and ensures optical comfort and clarity.

Frame: Manufactured in premium acetate, each pair of frames is made with hand-carved Zyle acetate. The pliable nature of the material ensures that the frames are much less likely to break than common mold-injected frames, and also allows them to be tailored to your face for a customized fit that lasts. Check out their Fit Guide for more information on tailoring the perfect fit. 

Hinges & Harware: Tired of replacing your hinge screw? Most companies use a spring to keep their frames together, which can easily break or loosen over time. KREWE frames feature riveted and barreled hinges for lasting stability and a comfortable fit. With quality being of utmost importance, several of our frames feature hardware plated in 24K gold for a luxurious finish and lasting durability.  


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