NW Honey + Bergamot

E. Smith Mercantile Specialty Pantry

E. SMITH MERCANTILE SPECIALTY PANTRY features a collection of our house made favorites from the Back Bar. Our specialty pantry items are carefully sourced and artfully prepared using only the highest quality, mostly organic ingredients. 

A special gourmet treat for the palette, we've combined a high quality organic bergamot oil with our classic raw Northwest honey. Drizzle over fresh ricotta or chocolate ice cream with flake salt... you'll be craving more!

Our Northwest honey comes from apiaries tended with care in primarily urban environments throughout the city of Seattle. Every single ounce is 100% raw with just a couple steps from the hive to these jars. Because it is unpasteurized our raw honey will crystallize faster than what you’ll find on the grocer shelf. Keep your new jar of liquid gold somewhere warm (ambient temp 68-70) and close, you’re not gonna want to share! If it does crystallize before you’ve had a chance to get it all, simply give it a really slow warm bath. Simmer water on the stove, use an inverted burner pan on the bottom of the water bath to keep your jar off direct heat and make sure you let it happen slowly; too much heat and you’ll cook out the good stuff. Before long the honey will go back to liquid and you can strain it with cheesecloth (then use the honey crystals you’ve just mined in a butter next time you slather up a slab of toast.) High heat will kill your honey so obviously please: no microwaves.

4 oz of honey in a glass hex jar.

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