Mulling Spice Kit

E. Smith Mercantile Specialty Pantry

E. SMITH MERCANTILE SPECIALTY PANTRY A holiday favorite, and a staple in our back bar. Tried and tested for the perfect balance. Our mostly organic mulling spices are set apart from the pack with a special blend of fruit and warming spices. Each pack contains an orange slice from Simple & Crisp to beautify your punch bowl.

Directions: Combine half the package of spices with one bottle of fruity red wine and 2 cups of apple cider. For best results lightly toast your spices before adding liquids. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Dried Orange Peel*, Cardamom*, Dried Apricot, Cinnamon*, Allspice, Black Pepper*, Cloves*, Coriander  *organic

2 fl oz.

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