Mama Bear's Whats-this-here-sauce

E. Smith Mercantile Specialty Pantry

E. SMITH MERCANTILE SPECIALTY PANTRY features a collection of our house made favorites from the Back Bar. Our specialty pantry items are carefully sourced and artfully prepared using only the highest quality, mostly organic ingredients. 

Mama Bear knows best! And she adds a little sprinkle of love to every batch of our secret sauce. Add instant depth of flavor to anywhere you'd use a traditional Worcestershire sauce. We love it in soups, salad dressings and our Back Bar Bloody Marys. 


Ingredients: distilled white vinegar*, filtered water, molasses*, horseradish, brown sugar*, onion, lemon juice, tamarind paste, ginger, anchovies in olive oil, jalapeños, chili flake*, garlic, olive oil*, sea salt & spices*  *organic

5 oz.

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