Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Domenica Fiore

KOLOSSUS produces and imports the finest Extra Virgin olive oils.  Their estate grown and carefully hand selected olives are harvested and pressed at the precise moment resulting in a 100% pure, unfiltered oil that is extraordinary in taste and fragrance, as fresh as summer on the islands of Greece. Their varieties come from groves centuries old, standing the test of time.


They produce their varietals in state-of-the-art pressing facilities to ensure superior quality control.

Their harvesting methods are traditional.  Hand selected, picked and pressed within 6-8 hours, stored properly, and carefully packaged to maintain our extraordinary quality and sensory standards.

Their farming and milling methods are sustainable and environmentally conscious to respect what their rich lands and climate have provided them.

Kolossos MILD: Unfiltered, from Manaki olives grown in Argolida, Greece

  • Delicate flavor
  • Ripe olive fruit
  • Buttery
  • Hints of apricot
  • Ripe apple & pine 

Kolossos ROBUST: Unfiltered, from Koroneiki olives grown in Lakonia, Greece

  • Full-bodied
  • Peppery flavor
  • Hints of nuts, green tea, & tomato leaf

Available in 500 ml

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