Honey-Ginger Syrup

Fruitations for Compass Box

COMPASS BOX "In our travels around the world, we are constantly looking out for new ideas for sharing and enjoying Scotch whisky. Given the breadth of styles in the Compass Box collection, we can really embrace all the ways you can use Scotch whisky. Here, we share ideas with you to inspire the next time you’re out with friends, entertaining at home, or just celebrating the end of the day." -John Glaser, Whiskymaker

A blend of spicy Peruvian ginger supported by the floral sweetness of New Hampshire honey, this syrup is made exclusively for Compass Box Distillery and makes the worlds most perfect Penicillin cocktail. Also great for a myriad of other uses, try it with soda over ice, in baking or on ice cream!

12.7 fl oz

Ingredients: Peruvian ginger, New Hampshire honey, water, natural cane sugar, citric acid (to preserve)




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