Honey Drinking Vinegar

Honey Drinking Vinegar

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POK POK SOM Chef Andy Ricker has been serving drinking vinegars in his world-renowned Pok Pok restaurants since 2006 after coming across the beverage in an Asian market and realizing the sweet, sour, tart beverage perfectly complimented his complex Thai flavors. Soon, the market’s supply could not keep up with the demand of Pok Pok customers, who loved the drinking vinegar accompanying their meals and mixed in their cocktails.

Full strength Honey Som Drinking Vinegar is made with wildflower honey from eastern Washington. Sumptuously buttery with wildflower and caramel, Honey Som has a smooth finish and moderate acidity.

Dilute 1 part Honey Som to 4 parts soda water to make an all natural soda or use creatively in cocktails and food preparation. Bourbon is a perfect match. Also mixes well with tequila.

16 fl oz