Hay! | Straws
Hay! | Straws

Hay! | Straws

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Ditch the plastic straw and say HAY! to our biodegradable straws. The perfect solution for entertaining a crowd or simply enjoying your favorite drink at home. Hay or straw is a byproduct of wheat production. Once the wheat is harvested the stems are trimmed and made into hay for animal feed or, in our case, straws. Hence the name HAY! Straws!

Our straws can be tossed right in the compost bin after use. Unlike plastic straws, HAY! Straws will break down naturally, returning to the circle of life.

- Size- tall drink 7 3/4" long

- Made from natural wheat

- 100% biodegradable

- Plastic-free packaging

- 100 straws (enough for all your party animal friends)