Harvest & Hunter Scarf

Honest Alchemy

HONEST ALCHEMY is a sustainable textile and accessory design company that uses 100% natural fibers and plant-based pigments. Handmade by Philadelphia-based artist Elizabeth McTear, each piece is made with a deliberate consideration for tradition and timeless style. Drawing inspiration from the elements and nature, she strives to create goods that reflect her vision of utilitarian art for the everyday. Elizabeth's reverence for her craft is unmistakable -- her indigo stained hands tell the story of a maker who doesn’t compromise quality or cut corners.

The Harvest & Hunter Scarf, made with Natural indigo & red madder root shibori is hand dyed & handwoven. This over-sized scarf is good for the summer as a beach wrap, good for cooler weather to cozy up into, or to layer up on that raining day.


+ 36" x 80", including fringe
+ dyed multiple times in natural indigo and red madder root by me
+ variations in the dye color are a natural part of the process
+ 100% natural cotton
+ hand wash, line dry


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