Handcrafted Maraschino Cherries

Handcrafted Maraschino Cherries

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PRE-ORDERS for the 2017 season available here: http://www.orasella.com/shop/maraschinocherries

ORASELLA was born on a rare snowy Seattle evening when two long-time friends determined that all craft cocktails deserved the artisan cherries they had perfected and enjoyed. Everyone loved the sweet pop of a cherry at the bottom of a high-ball glass, but mass produced cherry garnishes were sub-par – even the premium ones. Cloyingly sweet, many disintegrated at the bottom of a drink, and none bore any resemblance the actual fruit they had once been. Even worse, almost all "maraschino cherries" failed to contain any actual maraschino liqueur. So Anne and Heidi did what they had always done: make it themselves and make it a better product using fresh local ingredients.

Made from little more than cherries and the liqueur that bears its name, the traditional maraschino (mar-a-SKEE-no) cherry was pure, had depth of flavor, and sat elegantly in the glass. However, within a few decades of its arrival in this country, Americans divorced themselves from traditional preserving methods perfected over hundreds of years. 1950’s industrialization gave birth to the American maraschino (mar-a- SHEE-no) cherry, a bright red, cloyingly sweet garnish that attempted to standardize the appearance and flavor of cherries of variable quality. Often bleached, dyed, and chemically hardened, these cherries have been abandoned by Seattle’s top bars. We believe maraschino cherries should be restored to a place of honor. They should, once again, be made with recognizable fruit and flavored by their namesake liqueur. 

Orasella Maraschino cherries harvested from Tonnemaker Family Orchard in Royal City, WA. 

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