Ginger Ale and Hop Syrup

3/4 Oz. Tonic Maison

3/4 OZ. TONIC MAISON is a collaboration between industrial designer Alexandrine Lemair and chemist/photographer Hannah Palmer. Combining their oddly incongruous but complementary qualifications, Alexandrine and Hannah started making tonic as a side adventure but today, they will stop at nothing to bring you their delicious concoction. 

3/4 Oz. is the amount of Ginger Ale Syrup you will need to prepare a cocktail that contains 3x less sugar and is 100% natural!

In a glass with ice, combine: 3/4oz Ginger Ale Syrup, 1 1/2oz of your favorite spirit, and 2-3oz of sparkling water. Enjoy!

Ingredients: water, sugarcane, fresh ginger juice, citric acid, fresh hops. 

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