Garden + Forest Infusion Candles

Tatine Candles

TATINE is a small artisanal candle studio, passionate about designing and handcrafting every element of their products. Named for founder Margo's late grandmother. Each collection is made in small batches in her industrial Chicago loft studio, where she carefully and lovingly hand blends each fragrance. Inspiration is drawn from things that are old and have a history or a story, and is inspired by modern design. 

Forest Floor: wet dirt mingled with rain soaked ferns, damp wood, stems and green leaves. mossy overtones and heady damp garden soil.

Pine: woody evergreen notes blended with balsam oil. a sweet forest aroma with both crisp and warm resinous notes. this fragrance was built based on the whispering pines of northern wisconsin, holding strong personal memories. an aroma for all seasons.

Tabac: orange honeyed pipe tobacco. gourmand notes of roasted nut and caramel blended with burnt herbal notes and burnt woods. warm, sweet, and smoky with a comforting accord of vanilla.

Norwegian Wood: dark green needles + twigs. resinous balsam, pencil shavings, white camphor oil and evergreen. french cypress oil, root stumps, chipped wood and branches, blended with essence of turkish apricot nectar.

Black Mission Fig: herbaceous tagetes, green marigold oil, woody davana oil, sweet sunburnt red fruit and mulberry.

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