Field Notes Wallet | Tanned Leather

Half Japan Goods

HALF JAPAN is a human machine that uses two hands and a lot of tools and patience to create leather goods.  Started in Seattle, Washington and relocated in May 2015 to Tacoma, HalfJapan is off and running!  The name comes from something so simple and beautiful; owner and artist is half-japanese.  Half Japan loves that ordinary things that are made into art, or at least something fun to use and look at.  Instead of boring, completely utilitarian items, it's so nice to be surrounded by beautiful, thoughtful objects; using these items as inspiration, they hope to create something useful and beautiful too.

The Field Notes Wallet is the second of twin wallets, hand painted inside and out and designed to hold a Field Notes (or any other small notebook or planner!) passport, folded cash, and credit cards.  Its dimensions are 4x6 inches, and as with all other Half Japan products, it was created start to finish by hand, including stitching!  These are great for perpetual note takers, list makers, and sketchers; a must have for anyone who constantly is thinking, "Why didn't I write that down!?"

Available in 2 Styles:

  • "Black": Dyed layers, drops, and swirls of black pigment on tan leather
  • "Tall Field": Dyed with strokes of beige & variants of blue on tan leather

Note: vegetable tanned leather will "season" with use and wear.  It gains character and will stretch slightly, will soften wonderfully, and will also darken a little as it absorbs oils from your skin and is exposed to the sun.

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