Esoteric Eye 10k Cage Ring with Ruby & Diamonds

Scosha Jewelry

SCOSHA JEWELRY is created by an Australian-born painter and sculptor who discovered her affinity for the craft of jewelry during years of world travel. Fascinated by how people, objects and places are connected, and what connects them kinetically and energetically, Scosha began to explore what determines the dynamic through symmetry, harmony, conflict or tension between points of contact. 

The Esoteric Eye Ring is a show stopper. Featuring the Edwardian Eye with marquis ruby and pops of pink coral, and the outer arcs create a shield-like silhouette. A great stand-alone piece for contemporary styling.

       -3mm marquise ruby set in 10k yellow gold eye with 1mm pink corals (x2)

       -1mm diamonds (x8) across shield 

       -1mm thick 10k gold band

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