ESM + Geier | Deerskin Perforated Glove

ESM + Geier | Deerskin Perforated Glove

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GEIER GLOVE CO was established in 1927, in Centralia, Washington. For over 85 years, Geier Glove Company has been producing some of the world's finest leather gloves for men and women -- for work, dress, driving, and riding. Since they began, the Geier brothers have placed the utmost attention to detail with regard to fit, wear, and comfort. Geier uses only the best leathers available for glove and moccasin making, giving you the best possible fit.

Presenting the E. Smith Mercantile Deerskin gloves, in collaboration with Geier Glove Co. Indigenous tribes of the West favoured the leather for it’s resilient texture and versatile weight. Because it is naturally water-resistant and extremely durable, these gloves will keep you warm and protected through all seasons. Available in Black, Brown or Saddle.

To find the proper size, measure the thickest part of your palm, just below the fingers. Size will correspond to the amount of inches. If you have longer fingers add a half size. 

Due to the natural quality of the leather, color may vary slightly from the image as each hide is unique and beautiful.

Geier workshop

the original Geier workshop