Elsa's Rose Hip Grenadine

City Of Daughters

CITY OF DAUGHTERS was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2012 by husband and wife team Jay Schneider and Natalka Burian, co-owners of Elsa and Ramona, in partnership with Jay’s sister, Elisabeth Schneider. Their mission at City of Daughters is to bring the experience of Elsa directly into your home and to your table.  Their specialty cocktail goods are created the same way they make them at Elsa for their guests. City of Daughters source the freshest ingredients available, organic whenever possible, and never use artificial dyes or sweeteners. The products they offer through City of Daughters are standard ingredients in their original menu of innovative house cocktails and re-imagined classic drinks, and are quality tested night after night by seasoned cocktail drinkers.

Elsa's Rose Hip Grenadine is hand crafted by cocktail experts from Elsa in New York City and will instantly enhance and refine your cocktail experience.  Using the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients, infused with homemade pomegranate syrup with a delicate blend of rose hips and petals to create the perfect addition to any home bar.

Ingredients:  Pomegranate juice, organic pure cane sugar, orange blossom water, rose hips, rose petals

Available in 8 oz. bottles

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