Diner Journal | Issue #28

Diner Journal

DINER JOURNAL is a quarterly magazine with original art, lit and recipes, published by Brooklyn restaurateur Andrew Tarlow of Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Roman’s, Reynard and butcher shop Marlow & Daughters. The journal is produced by a group of people from our community of restaurants. Ad-free and three hole-punched since 2006.

Issue 27: The music issue! A sentiment. A lyric. Sonny’s glass of scotch and milk on the piano. Music embarrasses us and I love that about it. Diner Journal’s music issue is a meditation not only on sentimentality, flexibility, mimicry, karaoke, astrology, opera and heavy metal, but also hash browns, vinegar chicken, and sugar steak with blackened peppers. With recipes including Spaghetti w/ Black Pepper & Butter, Fried Duck Eggs, Hash Browns & Red-Eye Gravy, Preserved Lemon Bearnaise, Cucumber & Avocado Salad, Cold Lamb Leg Roulade, Burrata w/ Peaches & Basil and much, much more!


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