Anuket Snake Ring

Avocet Jewelry

AVOCET JEWELRY is created by Michelle Goni, a native of Mexico City, who, following her studies in college and owning a women's boutique in Asheville, North Carolina, decided to return to her roots, moving to Mexico to study jewelry smithing. After finishing her courses, Michelle set her sights to developing a brand that reflected her unique multicultural upbringing. She sought to pay homage to the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains of rural North Carolina while appreciating the organized chaos of Mexico City and the indigenous cultures that impacted each so profoundly. All of Avocet's pieces are designed and produced by Michelle in her Mexico City workshop, one block away from the Zocalo where Mexico's story began. Avocet Jewelry is a line of handcrafted jewelry inspired by relics and venerated objects: a convergence of rituals, cultures, and stories as portrayed in the form of jewelry. 

Braided snake ring amazingness! We love it. Part of the Gilded Nile Collection.

Available in sterling silver

➸Hand made

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