Cutting Board | Walnut


ARBOR is an impassioned enthusiast of the outdoors with a genuine affection for our natural surroundings - most notably trees - Arbor embraces wood as a medium. As designer and maker, Brian is most content spending his time in studio honing his skills & style and conceptualizing & designing new works for Arbor.

These whimsically shaped boards are the perfect base for cheeses, a sandwich, or serving garnishes at your bar cart.  Handcrafted by Brian, each unique piece requires anywhere from one to three hours to complete.  While made with aesthetics in mind, these wares are intended for use and will only get better with time.  Created to exude a warm and rustic tone, each piece will lend itself to help build the story of your home.

Each board is one of a kind, sanded smooth & finished with food safe oil.  

The grain varies from board to board - Available in 3 styles: small arched, large arched, or round.  Each are made of Walnut.

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