Italian Plum Reserves

Italian Plum Reserves

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Highly sought after in European markets, these protected-origin plums hailing from Lorraine, France are virtually impossible to find stateside (interesting trivia: Mirabelles are actually banned in the US due some some bizarre import laws). But we found a small grove of trees at Orcas' historic Coffelt Farm and were lucky enough to pick from them this season. A classic preserving fruit, these yield a jam that is gorgeously textured (we leave these tiny cherry sized plums whole, yet pitted), and beautifully candied. We recommend them as an indulgent breakfast spread, or better yet. as a topping for a creamy panna cotta, cheesecake, or almond cake (dollop on several tablespoons and allow them to soak into the cake for an hour before serving). Enjoy them now as they may not be back. 


ingredients: Mirabelle plums, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice.

7.75 ounces.

Handpicked and handmade on Orcas Island