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Collective Quarterly

COLLECTIVE QUARTERLY focuses each issue on following select craftspeople to an offbeat location. Their camera lens brings into focus the often blurry creative process as they design uncommon objects. In these pages, you’ll find a carefully edited selection of dry goods, art, music, food, drink, and stories—all deeply rooted in the land and heritage around us.  Their journeys hinge on assembling a group of compatriots who aim to live well. CQ are illustrators, photographers, and writers. They are weavers, leather workers, and carpenters. They are chefs, musicians, and bartenders.

Issue 5  |  Mojave

In the pages that follow, you’ll visit the decaying resort towns around the putrid Salton Sea, explore the Mojave’s dubious reputation as a good place to hide a body, and be introduced to the Desert Oracle, a periodical edited by Ken Layne, whose love for these parched lands has led him to become their champion and chronicler. 

Who could love a place whose main descriptors draw on dark and evil language? These wilds are dotted with valley of Death, Devil’s Hole, Furnace Creek, and so on. But if hell is on earth, perhaps a bit of heaven waits for those who have eyes to see. In his 1901 tome, The Desert, John C. Van Dyke sees beyond what so many have written off as a useless badland: “The waste places of the earth, the barren deserts, the tracts of forsaken men given over to loneliness, have a peculiar attraction of their own. The weird solitude, the great silence, the grim desolation, are the very things with which every desert wanderer eventually falls in love.”

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