Coffee Sock | V60 Reuse-able Filter

Coffee Sock Co.

COFFEE SOCK CO. came about by necessity. Obsessive coffee drinkers, who were out of filters recalling that we have a hand held “coffee sock” brought home from travels in Costa Rica, ended up breweing with that.  As they enjoyed that superior cup of coffee it transported them back to the cold, early mornings huddled over our steaming cups of rich “sock-brewed”, Monteverde grown, joy. Could a cotton filter possibly work with our Chemex? Would it brew with the same character of flavor as our traveling “coffee sock”? did!

CoffeeSock filters are made in Austin, Texas.  All filters are sewn and packaged by happy human beings making a fair and living wage.  We are dedicated to keep manufacturing in the US and while it is currently not possible to obtain the 100% of the fabric that we need as US made, we are continually seeking that opportunity. Today our cotton is grown in Texas, India and Pakistan. All is GOTS certified Organic. GOTS also monitors labor practices and working conditions.  

The Hario v60-02 Style reuse-able is made of organically grown, untreated cotton.
To Fit:
Hario v60-02 Dripper
Brew Method:
Pour Over
Two Filters Per Pack


 *Hario V60 ceramic dripper not included



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