Church Street Chocolate

Church Street Chocolate

CHURCH STREET CHOCOLATE  Wife & husband, Lacey & Charlie, live and operate in North Seattle. They love people and chocolate, and they are working hard to melt these two passions into truly delicious products that you can enjoy over and over. The chocolate bars are handcrafted, delicious to eat and delightful to behold. The bulk of their ingredients are organic, sourced and bought locally, with earth-friendly packaging to boot. Church Street is seeking to be a company that you can support with a clear conscience and enjoy with a warm heart. 

Available in the following delicious flavors:

GINGER & FENNEL | The depth of warm flavors inherent in our chocolate pair perfectly with a tang of ginger, the smokiness of toasted fennel, and a crunch of black sea salt. This bar includes a little bit of everything that delights our palates.

NORTHWEST HONEY | This chocolate has a high amount of cacao butter, which makes it both glossy and incredibly creamy. The beans also boast naturally low acidity so the taste is smooth from start to finish. In this bar, we adorn these qualities with sweet strands of local honey and a generous crunch of granulated honey on top.

FORTUNATO NO. 4 | Everyone's palate is unique, but you may taste fruity, floral notes as the chocolate initially melts on your tongue. Though it's a dark, 68% chocolate, you will notice no bitterness or acidity. At the turn of the century, chocolate from this cacao was king of the world market, but was thought until recently to have gone extinct.



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