Bravos Brass Studs

Bravos Brass Studs

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ALE BREMER is a creation by Alejandra Bremer, who hails from the desert of northern Mexico, where her grandfather, a metallurgical engineer, awoke her interest and appreciation for metals and craftsmanship. Fascinated by art and soaked in information about metal malleability and refining processes since an early age, Bremer began to envision her true vocation. The weekend trips to the family ranch became Bremer’s favorite journey into discovering the richness and diversity of rocks and minerals found in desert roads. She uses the unique colors, textures, flavors, and warmth of Mexican culture to create and transform cold lifeless materials into beautiful jewelry that can be worn during your travels and daily routine.  

Many cotton fields in Cd. Juarez, Mx have not passed the test of time, including District "Bravos". Once a town with an important agricultural activity now is slowly fading away, due to drought and worker migration, cotton fields are giving place to what outsiders now only know to be a place of violence and death.

The Bravos studs are each made of a brass structure and accented with a black embroidered fabric.  Elegant and Smooth.

Measurements: 1/4" w x 1/4" h.

Embroidery patterns and leather texture may vary.