Botanical Bug Spray

Alistair | Romulus

ALISTAIR /ROMULUS Based in the rural countryside of Northern Virginia the idea was born out of a need for a wholesome, natural product that could protect my whole family - pets included - against all of the buzzing, stinging, biting, and crawling creatures mother nature could send our way. Finding the market lacking, and unwilling to expose themselves or their pets to harmful chemical pesticides, they began a quest in 2008 to create a natural alternative. In the following years the Botanical Bug Spray emerged: a product obsessively researched, meticulously crafted, and perfected. Blended to smell like something you want to spray on your body, gentle and safe enough for daily use, made with absolutely NO artificial ingredients, and designed to shield you and your family from every bothersome and intolerable pest we could imagine. A & R's hope is that when you use the Botanical Bug Spray you will feel the love from our hearts to yours.

An all-natural Botanical Bug Spray...

A proprietary blend of 17 potent bug repelling essential oils and organic witch hazel - crafted to deter all manner of insects and scented with atlas cedar + eucalyptus + rose geranium - to leave you smelling of fragrant botanicals.

Protects adults, children, and pets the natural way - simply shake well before each use and spray liberally.

Made in small batches & blended by hand in the u.s.a.

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