Apothecary Series: Body Butters and Oil Infusions | April 13th 6pm

E. Smith Mercantile

E. Smith Mercantile is proud to offer the first class in our Apothecary series led by Essential Apothecary Alchemist founder and creator, Kate Poole. Learn to DIY all of your favorite bath, beauty and nutrition goods!

Body butters are a delicious blend of luscious oils and plant waters whipped together to make light and creamy body treatments. In this class we will explore the many types of ingredients available and how they impart their healing qualities to the skin. We will learn how to infuse oils with plant materials to enhance these products. We will have hands on learning and a take away of a few of our creations.  

Tuition includes expert lecture, take-home butter, and a healing cocktail and snack pairing. 

April 13th 6pm

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