Bent H Cuff

Peter James Jewelry

PETER JAMES JEWELRY is sure to bring you that one-of-a-kind keepsake you've been looking for, because after 40 years of jewelry design by Lynette Matson, she knows what she's doing. Each piece is as raw and unique as the hundreds of strikes by the hammer forming it, but ultimately resembling beautifully flowing, natural forms. 1974 is the year Lynette met John, the owner of Peter James, and the two started a family and grew their business together. Located in the Industrial Center Building in Sausalito for the last 30 years, this is where Peter James Jewelry has been able to take root and grow into the fine example of American craftsmanship that it is today.

The Bent Cuff is lightly hammered, giving it a beautiful texture finish.  Made up of two metals, sterling & gold foil. 


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