Ascension Stone Talisman

Ascension Stone

ASCENSION STONE is a magical crystal talisman designed to activate your light body (consciousness) and align you with the macrocosm (higher order), your Self and Great Work. The unique design is a symbol of perfect equilibrium, union or "utopia"—the complete synthesis of heavenly ▽ and earthly △ realms. "Crystals are a manifestation of the cosmos’ finest hour of expression. They are windows of light with many facets which show the myriad dimensions of life created from cosmic dust in an ever-expanding universe."

Crystal Guide:

CLEAR QUARTZ "Universal Crystal": Activating/Balancing, Adaptogenic, Amplifying Cognition, Energizing, Magnetizing

SMOKEY QUARTZ "Stone of Power": Courage, Grounding, Intuition, Protecting, Strength, Right Use of Will 

WHITE JADE "Calming Stone": Awareness, Clarity, Cognition, Grounding, Improves Meditation, Protection, Wisdom 

ONYX "Stone of Strength": Balancing, Decisiveness Grounding, Protecting, Self Control, Stamina, Right Use of Will

OPALITE: Aids in Transition, Communication,  Intuition, Mood Stabilizer, Personal Power Self Worth

AMETHYST "Sobriety Stone": Balancing, Communication, Healing, Inner Peace, Intuition, Nobility, Psychic Abilities, Stress Relief

ROSE QUARTZ "Stone of the Heart": Ease, Compassion, Comfort, Grace, Kindness, Self Love, Unconditional Love

HOWLITE "White Turquoise": Attunement with Higher Self, Awareness, Clarity, Creativity, Inspiration, Self Expression

CITRINE "Stone of Prosperity": Alignment, Auspiciousness, Goodness, Joy, Prosperity, Power, Truth, Material Abundance


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