The Mercantile

Young Poole Family

Elmer and Mary Smith are our Great Grandparents. They raised our grandmother, Marilyn, in a small gold mining town on the edge of the Sawtooth Mountains in Southern Idaho. It’s a heritage that inspires us. It evokes images of family huddled around a wood fire, of young men and women on horseback through open fields, of community gatherings at the local “Hub”, dancing and imbibing and shaking off the dirt of a long day. It’s the true American spirit that is currently in a resurgence. We are tiring of a consumer culture based on disposable products. There is a shift in our country back to quality goods, crafted by hand, slow and thoughtful and beautiful... and we feel it.

E. Smith Mercantile was born out of a desire to create a space that, more than anything feeds its community and fosters the creative growth that comes from establishing this ‘tribe’ connection.

Our flagship retail store ran was open for business from April, 2013 until June of 2018. The concept for the space mimicked one of the original establishments from E. Smith's small town of Atlanta, Idaho. Half of the space offered a mercantile for the town; dry goods with everything from American made denim and leather gloves to bulk teas, coffee and candy. The other half served as a meeting place, a bar where the people could come together and share stories, build relationships, and forget their cares. We were so lucky to serve the beautifully creative, generous and thirsty community of Pioneer Square for 5 years! 

You can still find some of your ESM favorites available through our online shop and through specialty retailers and bars across this wild country.