Closing Sale Auction Items

Join us for our "estate" rummage sale & silent auction June 23rd & 24th

Furniture & Fixtures

Pleather Bucket Seats
Antique Steel Shelving 8' x 5.5'
Glass & Wood Jewelry Case 72" x 40" x 21"
Antique Leather Top Mfg Counter 96" x 38" x 18"
Antique Wooden Mercantile Counter 83" x 30" x 24"
Antique Wood & Leather Rolling Cart 34" x 50" x 32"
Antique Metal Topped Mfg Cart 48" x 27" x 33"
Antique Metal Sewing Table Frame w/Wood Top 38" x 25.5" x 20"
Custom Bent Tin Box w/Lid 46" x 18" x 15"
Antique Round Wooden End Table 20.5"d x 28"
Antique Wooden Box (various)
Antique Card/Plate Display 28" x 60" x 6"
World Market 3-Tier Rolling Card 15.5" x 29" x 12"
Antique Swivel Mirror Gold
Full Length Upright Wooden Mirror 31.5" x 82"
Antique Gold Frame Mirror 31.5" x 42"
Antqiue Wooden Display Case 29" x 18" x 32"
Ceramic Umbrella Planter
Primitive Children's Chair
Antique Trunk
Metal Bar Stools
Honed Granite Bar Top
Honed Granite Shelf w/Iron Brackets
Wood & Metal Library Display Shelf
Metal Bar Chairs
Wooden Shelving & Brackets
Wooden Shelving & Brackets
Pedastal Sink
Rolling Metal Cart
Antique Church Pew Bench
Pipe Rail for Curtain Rod
Antique White Radiator/Table Base
Honed Granite Table Top
Butcher Block Topped Table w/iron Base
Metal Dinning Chairs
High Back Navy Metal Dinning Chairs
Assorted antique oak dinning chairs
Nook Rug
Reclaimed Window Frame
Round Metal 3-tier Cart
Wooden Ikea Shelf
Heavy Duty Metal Storage Rack
Painted Wood Bench w/Leather Seat
Large Wooden Armoire
Pipe Shelving 41" x 79" x 12"
Glass Shelf
Antique Wooden Corbels
Pipe & Wooden Shelf
Rusted Metal Folding Tables
Wooden Desk
Antique Leather Bench *Needs Repair
Wooden Armoire
Stainless Metal Wire Rack Shelving
Metal Wire Shelf
Plastic Folding Table
Stainless Work Table
Stainless Shelves & Brackets
Rolling Cart w/Butcher Block top
Custom Rolling Coat Rack



Merchandising, Display & Décor

Antique Wooden Stool Shelf 15" x 6" x 8"
Wood & Glass Display Case 14.5" x 14.5" x 12"
Wooden Display Stool 12" x 6.5" x 12"
Glass Candy & Apothecary Jars (asrtd)
Antique Scale (est 1910)
Antique Cash Register (est 1910)
Antique Glass Cake Stands
Taxidermy Pheasant
Antique Miner's Lamp
Antique Cookoo Clock, 1-day cycle carved style
Wooden Basket 24" x 4" x 15"
Metal Loaf Display Tins 3" x 2" x 6"
Metal Mfg Display Tins 6" x 3" x 9"
Metal Tray 20" x 2" x 10"
Antique Painted Fabric Jewelry Box
Antique Wooden Jewelry Box
Antique Prince Albert Cans
Small Wooden Display Stand
Mirror Display Box 6" x 3" x 9"
Antique Weather Vane
Framed Miners Photo
Framed Ethos Photo
Antique Water Pitcher Planter
Ceramic Planter w/Vine
Fishing Basket
Framed 48 Star Flag
Large 6 Point Deer Antler
Small 8 Point Deer Antler
2 Point Deer Antler
Antique Black Metal Box 25" x 2.5" x 5"
Metal Mail Box
Antique Wooden Hanger
Wooden Hanger
Antqiue Male Mannequin Bust
Antique Male Bust Stand
Antique Cigar Box
Antique Metal Drawer Display 18" x 1.5" x 4"
Antique Iron Bracket & Chain
Antique Wooden Toolbox (napkins)
Pipe Rail for Pan Rack
Metal Paper/File Storage Boxes
Mesh Metal Paper/File Storage
Metal 'picnic' box
Assorted Framed Artwork
Antique Oil Painting, swans
Antique Carved Wooden Doors
Narcissus Gold Cotton Herringbone Olson Curtains Set Of 2 (84")
Curtains set of 2 (short)
Wooden Shadow Box Installation Artwork/Lighting
Metal Pick Axes
Cut Mirror Framed Mirror
Antique Velvet Tobacco Cans
Chrome Wire Bar Glass Rack
Reclaimed Wooden Door on Slider
Antique Flag
Palm in Metal Bucket
Tin Tool/Dislpay Boxes
Antique Mini Scale
Etched Crystal Pitcher
White Porcelain Vase
Assorted Bottles & Bell Jar
Metal/Leather Cash box
Yellow Etched Glasses
Buck Jr. Taxidermy Deer
Hanging Wooden Vessel w/Feathers
Glass Clip Frames
Assorted Baskets for Display
Red 4-Step Ladder




Replica Desk Lamp
Magnifying Brass Desk Lamp
Bistro Lighting Strand
Black & Gold Pendant Lamp
Replica Metal Stand w/Fabric Shade
Rustic Metal Lamp w/o Shade
Conway Electric 2-Prong w/Edison bulb
Replica Barrel Chandalier
Ring Lights
Clip Light
3-Spot Wall Light
Undercounter Spot Lights
Antique Drop Pendant Street Light
Antique Green Enamel Desk Lamp
Antique x5 bulb Chandalier w/Edison Bulbs
Galvanize Can Pendant Light



3 Compartment Sink & faucet (medium) 39"w x 19.5"d x 44"h w/10" sink depth
3 Compartment Sink & faucet (small) 60"w x 22"d x 42"h w/9.5" sink depth
Prep Sink & faucet 21"w x 21"l x 12"d
Hand Washing Sink 13"w x 17"l x 6.5"d
Dump Sink 12.5"w x 18"d x 5.5"d
Hand Washing Sink & faucet 14.75"w x 15"l x 6"d
Dump Sink & Faucet 14.75"w x 15"l x 6"d
Jockey Box & Ice Well 36"
Insta-hot water heater & faucet
Convection Oven, cadco "roberta" 19"w x 15.75"d x 18.75"h
Convection Oven, axis 23.5"w x 22.5"d x 19"H
Conventional Oven, GE 29.5" x 26"d x 44"h
Sandwich Fridge (double), Bev Air 45"h x 48"w x 28.5"d
Soda Fridge
Everest Solid Door Underbar Fridge w/taps 57.75"w x 27"d x 37.75"h
Everest Glass Door Underbar Fridge 57.75"w x 27"d x 37.75"h
Reach in Freezer 28.5"w x 20.5"d x 32.25"h
Under counter freezer, whynter 17.5"w x 19.5"d x 27"h
Frigidaire Professional Fridge 32"w x 26"d x 70.5"h
Sandwich Fridge (Single) Atosa 27.5"w x 30.5"d x 46"h
Standard White Fridge
Sub zero 650 fridge w/chalk board cover, 36.75"w x 25"d x 83"h
iPad & Shopify card reader
hp Laserjet Printer
Rubber Trashcan
Floor Mat
Water Heater
iPad, cash drawer & printer
iPad, shopify reader
2-Step Ladder
1 Step Ladder/stool
Meat Slicer
Assorted Plastic Cutting Boards
Butane Burners
3-step Ladder
Encore Coffee Grinder
Plastic silverware caddy
Assorted vintage coupes
Wine Glasses
Collins Glasses
Tea & Coffee service
Rocks Glasses
Whisky Sour Glasses
Vintage sherry glasses
Beer pints
Assorted cocktail tools
Vintage dessert plates
Vintage salad plates
Vintage Dinner Plates
Antique etched glass sorbet glasses
Glass tincture bottles (and tinctures!)
Magnetic Knife Strip
Metal Sheet Pans (1/4 pan)
Metal Sheet Pans (1/2 pan)
Stainless Steam Pan (1/2)
Stainless Steam Pan (1/3)
Cip Fan
Assorted Kitchen Knives
Assorted Kitchen Utencils
Service Trays
Presentation Cutting Boards w/Copper Detail
Stainless Bowls, assorted sizes
Assorted Cambros & Lids
Chafing Dishes
Ticket Rail
Assorted Sautee Pans
Steel Trash Can
Grease Trap
Dish Racks
Dry Erase Board
Bose wifi Speaker
Enamel Papertowel Dispenser
Large Utility Fan
Battery Operated Candles
Antique Porcelain Sink
Antique Metal Pitchers (assorted)
Hot Beverage Dispenser
Beer Line Cleaning Kit
Large Plastic Storage Bin
Antique Tool Box & Tools
Extension Cord
10 Gallon Trash Can, Black
Utility Fan