Say Hello to Ilia

We interview our favorite Organic cosmetics creator, founder of Ilia Beauty, Sasha Plavsic.  Read on as she details her inspirations and leaves us with her best beauty tip!

I remember reading in your bio that your inspiration like ours comes from a grandparent. Please tell us how you were influenced and inspired by your linage.

When I was looking for a name for the brand, I had always liked our Great Grandfather's name - ILIJA. It's spelt with a "J" in Slavic languages but was dropped when it became a middle name for my younger brother... makes it easier to pronounce correctly. As for the inspiration, my Great Grandfather was a shoe designer at the turn of the century, and had a passion for creating a good product. It was a simple decision at that point to choose ILIA as our name.

We love using products that are organic, knowing that anything you put on your skin ends up in your body. Please tell us about your philosophy regarding organic beauty products, and why you choose to make organic products.

Most of us are lucky to choose what we would like to put in or on our bodies. The two are essentially the same, except that when we put something in our body the reaction time is that much faster. It made sense to create a brand that would do its best to use organic ingredients whenever possible to help minimize any extra toxins that are not necessary.

We all love the lip colors!!  Any one color seems to go on so many complexions. How did you go about creating your lovely color palate?

In the beginning we had a very limited budget and could only start with 6 shades. Due to the small number, I decided to carefully select one shade in each category that I thought would work for most people. It was a gamble but it did work out in the end. The rest of our shades will lean towards classic colors which we still launch in 6 hues most of the time!

We're all waiting for more products... what have you got in the works?

More lipstick shades coming this fall, as well as a new mascara formula and wand. There are a few more surprises toward the end of the year, and then next year we will keep growing the line into a full one. 

Can you share your favorite beauty tip?

Eat, rest, sleep… and find someone that makes you feel amazing about life. People say we can do this ourselves, and that's true, but its not good to do everything alone. We all need a little love, as it does bring beauty along with it!

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